Julia Ward is a New York actor and filmmaker. Born on Long Island and raised in the rural town of Greenville, NY.

She is a born entertainer and made her stage debut in her elementary school's The Rocking Tales of Snow White. Most recently she was cast as the lead, Katherine Blake, in her high school production of Disney’s Freaky Friday. She has appeared in independent films as well as the horror film Trick.


You can always find her on TikTok - SerialSoup making comedic videos that challenge gender stereotypes and spread awareness about ableism. Using comedy, she expertly encourages dialogue on issues important to her, and with over 8.0 M likes and thousands of daily views, she challenges her followers to examine and stand up against ableism, sexism, climate change, harassment towards young content creators, sexual assault, and racism.

Julia uses the medium of media for her activism. On November 6, 2020, she was presented with a Proclamation from NYS Senator Jen Metzger commending her for her film In.clu.sion and her work in raising awareness for the authentic representation of people with disabilities in the media.


Julia is looking forward to a career in the entertainment industry. Follow for updates on upcoming projects.

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An endearing short by 16 year old Julia Ward, big sister to Spencer a tween with special needs, asking Hollywood's elite how to include more characters like her brother in film and why it is important. Special appearances by Peter Farrelly, Mat Fraser, and Cole Sibus. Heartfelt, emotional, and inspiring.

© 2020 by Julia Ward

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